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Pleated Blinds

Pleated blinds are often used in conservatories and rooms with large areas of glass, but they are also an excellent alternative for any other window around the home or office.

For Stylish Window Dressing

If you are looking for a neat window dressing that adds warmth and texture, this kind of blind could be the answer. Our range of pleated blinds comes in fabrics and colours that have been carefully chosen to complement classic, modern, or office styles – with pale tones, or bright colours that make a statement.

Our pleated blinds are made to measure ensuring a flawless finish, and are especially adaptable for awkward spaces or roof windows.

Energy Saving For Your Conservatory Or Garden Room

Because our blinds are always installed by full trained fitters we know that they will work perfectly and look great for a long time to come. All our products offer durability as well as style, and we’ll help you take good care of them with tips on cleaning and maintenance as part of our excellent customer service.

Fitting And Caring For Your Pleated Blinds

Pleated blinds are available in fabric that has been specially designed for added insulation, perfect for keeping the cold out or preventing over heating in summer. This is one reason that pleated blinds are a popular choice for conservatories, where temperature control can be a challenge.

Why Choose Blinds By Paul Mason

If you want variety, quality, and value for money, we have been delivering customer satisfaction in all areas for over 20 years. As a family business we understand the importance of ensuring every detail of an order is right, and the value of good aftercare to our customers.

To find out more about our range of beautiful and innovative pleated blinds, or to get a free quote, why not get in touch today.

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