Blinds for Bathroom Privacy

Bathrooms require the most window privacy in the house. In order to provide you complete privacy, we are recommending the following window treatments:

Roller blinds
There are two basic choices, which are as follows:
Blackout– Blackout Roller blinds provide total blockage from sunlight. These blinds are also available with the motorised units.

Room Darkening – This is ideal for the more modern, minimalist bathroom. They will give your bathroom the privacy that is necessary whilst still allowing some sunlight to filter through. They are available with motorised operation too.

Roman blinds
The cloth-like fabrication of Roman blinds makes them impermeable to sunlight. Roman blinds can be motorised and are available in many different colours and patterns to either coordinate with existing decor or to create a whole new look.

Pleated blinds (with Blackout Liner)
Similar to Blackout Honeycomb blinds, Pleated blinds can be ordered in a variety of different colours and patterns and can easily be matched to the existing bathroom decor.

We hope we have been able to give you a starting point! Please phone us with any questions on 01922 419 075.